Park Passes Gone? Head Outside the Parks!

You may have heard about Park Passes booking up last month during Spring Break. There were days that
not a single park had an opening for guests. While this doesn’t happen too often, as people get more
comfortable getting out and about (and we’re shouting HOORAY!! for that), it does mean the likelihood
of Disney parks hitting capacity again during these days of limited capacity could happen.
We’re always going to tell you to get those park pass reservations booked as soon as you have your
vacation booked to avoid this scenario, but what if something happens and you forget? Or a new family
member gets added to your trip at the last second. No need to fear! Even if you’re purposely planning a
day outside the parks, we’ve got some great ideas of activities for you to do that will keep you on Disney
property and not cost you an arm and a leg.

Mini Golf
One of our favorite things to do while at Disney is play Mini Golf. Disney has two Mini Golf courses –
Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland. Fantasia Gardens is located near the Swan and Dolphin
resorts in the Boardwalk area and Winter Summerland is located near Disney’s Blizzard Beach. At the
time of writing this blog, only Fantasia Gardens is open but it’s the best one anyway, so you won’t be
disappointed. This family-friendly activity that all ages can play is reasonably priced and you often get
coupons for free golf when you book a Disney vacation. One of the things we love about this activity is
that even during the busiest times of the year, very few people decide to play a round of putt-putt golf
so you and your family can have the place to yourselves. It’s a wonderful way to get away from all the
crowds for a little bit.

Bike Rentals
Several of the resorts around Disney World offer bike rentals, both regular bikes and surrey bikes (surrey
bikes are those fun multiple-person bikes that can accommodate an entire family). What better way to
explore a resort than to ride a bike all around the property? And if the resort you’re staying at doesn’t
offer bike rentals, you can simply go to a resort that does. You don’t need to be staying there to rent its
bikes. One of our favorite memories is riding bikes up and down the Boardwalk, peddling to and from
Hollywood Studios and Epcot without a care in the world on a non-park day.

Summer Camp Activities
Head on over to Fort Wilderness Resort to check out some of the many “summer camp” activities to add
something a little special to your vacation. Littlest ones can go on pony rides for only $8 while older
children and adults can enjoy horseback riding for $45. There are even archery classes, canoe rentals,
and fishing excursions. All of these come with extra charges, but they shouldn’t break the bank. On the
other hand, if you’re looking to have the summer camp experience for a day without the extra fees,
there are tons of areas around Fort Wilderness Resort to explore and play in for free as well.
So, if you can’t get to the parks, don’t sit in your room, and mope all day. Get out there and explore all
of the amazing amenities at Walt Disney Resort.

Let us help make your next vacation extra magical! Reach out today for your complimentary vacation quote.

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