Make your Next Stay at a Monorail Resort

Monorail Leaving the Station

There are three resorts that sit on the Magic Kingdom Monorail. Those three resorts are Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. All three are deluxe resorts that are filled with some of the best amenities on Disney property including larger rooms, the best restaurants, and a great location next to Magic Kingdom. One of our favorite amenities of these three resorts is the ability for guests to easily hop aboard Disney’s monorail. Disney’s monorail circles the area that contains these resorts and Magic Kingdom. It also has a side line that goes out to Epcot when in service. At the writing of this article, that monorail route was still temporarily suspended, but when it comes back, it’ll give even more reason to choose a monorail resort on your next visit. For now, let’s just focus on what the monorail offers today. 

  1. An amazing view! Riding the monorail provides you with a great view of the lake, Magic Kingdom, and the resorts. On one of the stops, you even get to ride inside the Contemporary resort like something from a futuristic fantasy movie.
  2. A temperature-controlled ride. Each resort offers an indoor or covered area to get on and off the monorail. On a day that’s already 90 degrees at 9 in the morning, or when it’s raining cats and dogs, the monorail provides you much more shelter than walking to a bus stop and sometimes standing outside without any covering. It can’t help you once you’re at the park, but at least it’ll make sure your ride there and back is comfortable. 
  3. It’s family friendly. Unlike the busses, you don’t have to break down your stroller to enter the ride and you can always ride in the same cabin as your parents with their scooters or wheelchairs. At the end of a long day, these little things can mean a lot as you head back to your room exhausted. 
  4. It’s free. The monorail feels more like a ride than it does a mode of transportation, so consider it one of the few “free” rides on property. If you don’t have a park day but the kids are missing going on a ride, take a spin on the monorail to other resorts for some high-flying fun. 
  5. Easy access to the other monorail resorts. Speaking of a non-park day, there’s nothing better than exploring the other monorail resorts on your day off. Use the monorail to have a “progressive dinner,” where each part of the meal is eaten at a restaurant from each resort. You can have appetizers at the Polynesian, your meal at the Grand Floridian, and finish it off with dessert at the Contemporary (make reservations at California Grill during the fireworks show and watch the fireworks for free from high above the park when they come back). Christmas is a great season to go explore the other monorail resorts as well. You can check out how each resort decorates for the holidays and enjoy the beautifully themed trees and other Christmas treats each resort has. 

The monorail is such a classic mode of transportation that has become symbolic with Disney World. Even if you don’t stay at a monorail resort, make time to ride it and check it out on your next vacation. 

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