What to Expect a Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival

Have you had the chance to visit Disney World’s Epcot park in the spring? If you have, then you probably
were able to spend some time enjoying its annual International Flower and Garden Festival, one of its
most popular festivals marked by gorgeous greenery, delectable treats, and plenty of music and shows.
This year’s festival is back on with a few changes. The thing we’re most excited about is that despite
some things being changed or eliminated (can we take a moment of silence for the Garden Rocks
concert series not happening?), most of the Festival is staying the same except for some minor changes.
Let’s look at some things that may be just a little bit different this year.
First is simply the name. This year Disney has added a few extra words to the beginning of its spring
festival and the “official” name is Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival. Wow! That’s a
mouthful. To keep it simple, we think we’ll just keep calling it Flower & Garden. The festival this year is
also longer than it’s ever been before, having started already at the beginning of March and going all the
way until July 5. Now, that we can get behind! All the more time to enjoy those cute topiaries and
yummy food samplings.
Speaking of which, another exciting change is that the Flower & Garden festival has more outdoor
kitchens than ever before. They’ve even introduced a couple of new ones. You can sample food from
Germany to France, as well as find kiosks that specialize in specific food offerings such as Vegan or citrus
only. While this year no longer offers the large cooking demonstrations, look for smaller demonstrations
such as The Honey Bee-stro Hosted by National Honey Board™ to enjoy.
Another notable change this year is the music. One of the changes we’re happy about is that Disney is
bringing some live local talent to the stages this year to replace the larger Rock bands that used to come
for the Garden Rocks series. What a great way to support their local economy while still providing
visitors with some wonderful music to enjoy.
For the kids, the interactive play gardens are still closed but Disney hasn’t forgotten about getting them
involved in the Flower & Garden Festival. This year brings back those great scavenger hunts like Spike’s
Pollen Nation Exploration that they can take part in for less than $10. The beautiful butterfly garden is
still available as well and the kiddos are sure to enjoy trying to see if a butterfly will land on them.
A lot is different at Disney this year, but the Taste of Epcot Flower & Garden Festival is one event that is
still very recognizable. If you loved it in the past, you’ll love it again. And if you’ve never visited it, you’ve
got more time than ever this year to plan a trip where you can spend a day or two at this incredible and
oh, so delicious festival.

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