Star Wars; Rise of the Resistance. A Review!

Everyone is sooooo excited about the new Star Wars Ride; Rise of the Resistance and with good reason! It is amazing! 

Intouch Vacations travel pro, Paige Nutt, recently got to ride with her son and they both raved about it! Here is little about their experience. Please stop here if you do not want any spoilers!

“Rise of the our opinion… it lives up to the hype and certainly worth the early arrival to the park!!  It’s more than just a ride, it’s an experience. There is a little bit of everything going on during the ride. We started out in a civilian transport shuttle, then as we were captured by the First Order, we exited our cruiser and stepped into the Imperial Frigate where an entire platoon of Storm Troopers greeted  us.     

 Once aboard their starship, the Imperial officers quickly showed us to our “cells”.  From there we were lined up for interrogation, it was then the Resistance came to our rescue.  Once aboard the rescue vehicle we were blasted by Storm Troopers! We quickly escaped them and found ourselves on the bridge, face to face with Kylo Ren and General Hux after escaping them we were blasted  by AT-AT walkers narrowly escaping. Kylo Ren appeared once more trying to capture us. As he threatened us with his force powers a hole was blasted into the wall behind him leading us to an escape pod. We then crash-landed onto Batuu, there where we were officially enlisted  into the Rebel Alliance. Overall it was a successful mission and an unforgettable experience.           


At- At Walkers

 How were we able to get on the ride?  Here is what we did. We arrived at the park (Disney bus) about 6:15 AM and were through the gates by 6:30.  We were in boarding group 33. (Note- You will be added to a boarding group using your mobile device.) Things seemed to be moving pretty quickly as they were already on group 31 by 9:45. Just as we arrived to wait out the next couple of groups the ride was down and had to be reset.  After about an hour delay we were called to board, once we entered the line things went pretty quickly and within 30 minutes we were boarding!”

To book your next voyage to a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Please reach out to Paige Nutt via email or check out her facebook page for more great photos and reviews!

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