A Night at the Luau- A Review of Spirit of Aloha


Photo Credit to The Pixie Pixie/ Lynne Marie

Photo Credit to The Pixie Pixie/ Lynne Marie

A recent stay at the Polynesian Village Resort triggered a bright idea in my head; I would attend the Spirit of Aloha Dinner show held at Luau Cove at the resort.

I came up with the idea for a few reasons. I was traveling with my 3 year old son and we had no other dinner reservations. I thought the show would entertain him and I would get a relatively fuss free meal. I could also see and hear parts of the show from my awesome room in the Figi building. Honestly, if you can request an even numbered room in this building you will not be disappointed in the view. You wake up every morning feeling like you are on a tropical island. The next reason I booked was because I had not seen the show in several years and like to keep up to date on the info I am giving my clients.

A good fried of mine was in town for the night as well and we decided this would be a great way to end our day. The Spirit of Aloha show runs Tuesday through Saturday and offers two seatings; 5:15pm and 8pm. We were able to get tickets to the later show last minute. The show ran about $60 per guest for category 3 seating.

We were not too far from the stage, but the guests at the table next to us did obstruct our view a bit.

When we arrived we were seated in the worlds most uncomfortable chairs at the most awkward table. My son had fallen asleep and remained so for the duration of the show.

It is said that the show is cancelled if temps fall under 50 degrees. Let me tell you, it was under 50 degrees and the show went on. We were FROZEN and I am from New England. I cannot imagine what the southern guests were feeling. The show is held in a partially open pavilion with no heat.

The meal is all you care to enjoy. The appetizers come out first and we agreed it was excellent. The salad and noodles are reminiscent of what you will find on the Menu at Ohana. Sangria and beer are also included. I did opt for the sangria but found it a bit too sweet for my tastes.

The main courses include ribs, pulled pork, chicken, rice and veggies and everything was excellent! The ribs were probably some of the best I have ever had.

Dessert is a delicious pineapple bread pudding and was also very good.

The only bad part about the night was the show. The dancers were talented, the singers were good and that is about where the entertainment ended. The acoustics are terrible and from start to finish I could maybe tell you about 5-10 words that I heard. We could not follow the story line if there even was one. The only redeeming part of the show was the fire dancer who is the very last performer to show up on stage. I really think Disney could do better on this one. A company that has their roots in entertainment should be able to produce a better quality show. I expected more.

If you are on the dining plan this show will run you 2 credits per person. My advice is to skip this and opt for Hoop Dee Doo if a dinner show is a must.

Have you seen this show? What were your thoughts?

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