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I am a Disney Vacation Planner, but what does that mean to you? People often wonder why they should book their trip with me instead of booking directly through Disney. Let me help explain a little be about what I do.

I am a Disney expert. My husband likes to substitute the word nerd for expert, but which ever way you choose to read it, I know Disney. I know the best places to eat, the best resorts to stay in, the easiest ways to navigate the parks, and I promise you if you call from the middle of Liberty Square to ask where the closest bathroom is, I will not only be able to tell you where it is and how to get there, but I will also regal with the answer to why there does not seem to by anywhere to head when nature calls in this area of The Magic Kingdom.

When I work with you to plan your trip my goals are simple; to plan a perfect trip for you and your family, save you the most money that I can, save you time and often frustration by guiding you through the entire planning process, and to be available for you to call upon at any time.

When you book with me you will not pay a penny more than booking directly with Disney, in fact, often you will end up paying less since I constantly monitor for discounts and apply them to your booking if they become available! I do this without you having to call or prompt me to do so. One of the greatest rewards of my job is writing an email to a client to inform them of how much money I was able to save them, often times when they are still asleep!!! I also offer booking incentives. My clients never travel empty handed. People booking packages over $1500 will get a gift card ranging in value from $25-100 dollars! You can use these gift cards anywhere on Disney property for food, fun, souvenirs, or to pay off your hotel bill!

However, I think the best reason of all to book with me is because I am a real live person. Every time you call, I will be the one to answer the phone. Every time you email I will be the one to write back. I will understand your need for me to be on the phone at the 180 day mark to make sure your daughter gets to eat breakfast with Cinderella. I will understand that your son, above anything else, wants to be a pirate for his birthday. I will go out of my way to see that these things happen!

If I can be of help planning your next trip email me Jess@Pixievacations.com or request a quote here!



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