I love this ride-Carousel of Progress


The Carousel of Progress is great attraction that you may or may not have gotten a chance to experience. It was originally designed by Walt Disney for the 1964 Worlds Fair and was one of the most popular attractions there.

You will find The Carousel of Progress tucked into the back corner of Tomorrowland. In fact, the first few times I was in Disney I barely noticed it was there! However, I am so exceedingly glad I found it.

The Carousel of Progress is named because the audience actually rotates around a central stage where an audio animatronics family talks about the state of the world in the time they are living in.

We follow John and his family from the turn of the century on Valentines Day, to the 1920’s on T’he 4th of July, to the 1940’s at Halloween, and finally to current times at Christmas.

This is a fantastic little journey where you stay seated for about 20 minutes. The theater is indoors and air conditioned making this a perfect attraction to fit in while waiting for a fastpass time on Space Mountain. I especially like to visit here after lunch to give my body a chance to recharge while enjoying a wonderful show.

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