Top 5 Things to do at Your Resort

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Disney has done a wonderful job of providing a diverse selection of resort hotels; able to accommodate travelers of all budgets and vacation styles. One of the huge advantages or staying on Disney property is the ability to never leave the magic! There is so much to do at each resort, be it a value or a deluxe villa, taking a half a day or and entire day to hang out at your hotel is almost as fun a visiting the parks!

Here are a few wonderful things you can do at the resort hotels!

1. Swim! Each resort has a few pools for your enjoyment. Spending the afternoon poolside is something that really should be part of every trip! At the feature pool at each resort you will find a pool bar serving drinks and light snacks. There are also laundry facilities near some resort pools which makes a boring chore a little more palatable. Check out the pool games schedule as well! My favorite resort pool is stormalong bay at Beach Club, with the quiet pool at Wilderness Lodge a close second!

2. Arcades are featured at each resort and these are not your run of the mill hotel arcades! You will find all sorts of games and you can win tickets and prizes of course! If you booked a magic your way package you will find an arcade voucher good for a few games in the arcade!

3. Shopping is available in at least one location in each resort. I love to look through these stores. Not only can you get things you may have forgotten at home like sunscreen and medicine, but you can also get resort specific merchandise! I am a big fan of the pins and get one for every resort I stay in!

4. Recreation rentals- If you are staying at a moderate or deluxe resort you will have the ability to rent things such as boats and bikes. This is a really fun way to explore the resort! If you are staying at a value resort, you are still welcome visit the other resorts and rent a bike or boat!

5. Eat! Each resort features at least one place to grab a meal and many of them offer unique snacks and desserts that can only be found at that resort! For example; Zebra Domes at Mara at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Tie Dye Cheese Cake at Pop Century, and Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter.


So, what are some things you like to do at your resort?

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