Are We Going to See Free Dining Come Out This Fall?



Of all the deals that Disney releases there is perhaps none more talked about and more popular than free dining. For most of 2013 this offer has been elusive. People have been waiting for months to find out if the lower crowds of the fall will bring a free dining offer to Disney World.

This week rumors began to swirl.  It has been rumored, and only rumored at this point that free dining will make a brief appearance for a few weeks in September before it retreats back into the underbelly of Disney marketing. If these rumors are true the free dining offer will be released in early May.

For many families, free dining is how they afford a yearly family trip to Disney World. Hopefully if it is released you can travel in September to take advantage of the savings.

If you cannot get away from home in September, fear not, I think we will continue to see some great savings in the form or room and ticket discounts.

If there are two discounts out such as a room only discount and a free dining offer make sure to price out both offers. For some families at some resorts the room discount will actually be a better deal than the free dining offer.

If you are already booked for the dates of the free dining offer, you can still get the savings. If you have a travel agent they will do this for you and alert you of your savings. If you do not, make sure to call Disney to switch your reservation over.

If free dining comes out do not forget, if you book with me you will also get a free gift card! Not a bad deal…free food and some spending money too! Simply email me for details or to be added to my free dining alert list!

If you are interested in booking for this offer you can request a quote here!

What are your thoughts on free dining for this fall?

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