Whats in Your Suitcase

Weston in his mouse ears!!!

Weston in his mouse ears!!!

I am leaving for Disney World in just a few short hours. That means I only have a few more hours to pack! In truth I started packing weeks ago, but it is an ongoing process. I am traveling with my young son so packing was a bit of a challenge. Here is what I brought:


For Me:

4 Pairs of shorts

2 Pair of pants

5 T-shirts

1 nice top and pants


Bathing Suit

Socks and Underwear for as many days as Ill be there X 2! Socks get wet and I find having extras is a huge help to my comfort level!

1 Rain Coat

1 Sweat Shirt

Toothbrush and paste

Make up


Sunscreen and aloe

First Aid Kit including Tylenol, Pepto, Cough and Cold Medicine, band-aids, ice pack, and disinfectant wipes

Hat and Sunglasses

Hair brush and elastic bands


For the Munchkin

5 outfits including shorts, t-shirts, and socks made up into plastic bags. It makes my job of dressing him so much easier if all I have to do is grab  bag! Plus the plastic bags I pack in then are brought to the park to put wet clothing, snacks, or other things that need storing in!

Sweat shirt

2 pairs of long pants

2 pajamas

Extra socks




Hat and sunglasses

Rain Coat

Swim Diapers

Swim Suit



Coloring Books and Stickers for the Plane



Flip Flops

Life Vest

Note Book

Travel Documents (Hotel Reservations, Magical Express, Kids Nite Out Reservations, Boarding Passes, Garden Grocer Receipt, Birth Certificate, ID)





What am I forgetting!


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