Quick Tip-Getting the Best Prices for Flights


I feel like the price of flights is a big factor in vacation planning. I am always getting asked by clients when they should book their tickets.  Let me tell you a few secrets.

First of all if you are traveling months from now (like say in October or November) please do not buy your tickets right now. Unless you see a phenomenal deal, I promise you the price you are looking at today is too high. I suggest using a services such as airfare watchdog to monitor the price of the route you are flying. They will send you email updates when they see a good price on your flight.

Next, If you have not subscribed to get email alerts from your favorite airlines, do it now. I will wait. Are you done? Ok, great! Airlines send out email blasts about once a week with sales and specials. I got a flight to Orlando for $20 through Jetblue because I got an email that listed the sale. I was expecting the email, since they usually come out on Tuesdays, and immediately booked. Now, that was a very good and very rare sale and it sold out in a few hours. If I hadn’t gotten the email I would have paid $90 for that flight (which I know because my friend didn’t listen to me and paid $70 more than I did for the exact same flight!)

I mentioned above about the Tuesday emails, but you should also know a few other secrets about Tuesday. This is the best day of the week to shop airfare and the cheapest day of the week to fly! If you book air on a Tuesday for a Tuesday flight, you are likely paying less than someone who booked a Saturday Flight on a Friday. Know this information!

If possible, book your flight about 8 weeks before travel. This seems to be the sweet spot for getting a good price. Book any earlier and you may pay more. Same goes for booking any later. Like I said, signing up for airfare alerts will really help figure out when to book!

Another rule for buying air; Be flexible. If you have a little wiggle room in your travel dates this could translate into big savings. I shop flights all the time. I am always looking at the websites and scoping out deals. This is my job, I realize that other people cannot do this, but since I spend so much time on airline websites, I can tell you that flexibility is key!

Lastly, you can follow in my footsteps and book travel around the flights! When Disney releases a special I begin to shop airfare. I am blessed with time, since my only child is not yet school age and I have a flexible work schedule. This may not work for everyone. When a good deal on the flight comes out that is when I buy and book my vacation!

As a travel agent, one service that I provide my clients is flight watch. I add you to my list of flights to book and constantly update you on prices until we find something reasonable. If you are using a travel agent ask them to assist you with this. I do however, advise my clients to continue to shop on their own as well, you never know when a deal may be lurking!

I hope these tips can help you when you look into booking flights for your next trip!


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