Ask A Disney Question- Water Parks, Fun, and More!

This question comes from Janet Glaze who asks:

We have the water park and more pass, but not the park hopper, can we spend the morning at the parks and the evenings at Disneyquest?? or the morning at the Water parks and the evening at the parks? Is this considered park hopping?

Answer: There are several options that can be added on to a Magic Your Way base ticket, but none causes more confusion than the water parks, fun, and more option. Hopefully I can shed some light on this subject for you!

As you likely know, Disney has four major theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. These parks are included in the Magic Your Way Ticket. With a base ticket you can visit one of these parks each day. By adding the park hopper option you can visit up to all four of these parks each day.

You may also be aware that Disney World has several minor attractions which include: Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Blizzard Beach Water Park, Disney Quest indoor theme park, Winter Summerland Mini Golf, Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf, Oak Trail Golf Course, and The ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. These are the attractions that are covered under the Water Parks, Fun, and More add on option.

The cost of the add on is $60.71  with tax included per ticket, whether it is a one day ticket or a ten day ticket does not change this price. If you want to add the ability to park hop at the major parks plus the Water Parks, fun and more option you are looking at a flat fee of $84.14 per ticket including tax.

Each day on your magic your way ticket will equal a credit that can be used at a minor attraction under the water parks, fun,and more option. This rule does not apply to one day tickets which offer two credits for the minor attracations.  For example: A one day ticket will give you two credits, a two day ticket will give you two credits, a three day ticket will give you three credits a four day ticket will give you four credits and so on.

You could visit Typhoon Lagoon in the morning using a WPF&M credit and visit The Magic Kingdom in the evening using one of the days on your base ticket. This is not considered park hopping!

A great way to extend your vacation and stretch your travel dollar is to invest in the WPF&M option. Let me elaborate. If you buy a 4 day base ticket with the water park option you could easily stay at Walt Disney World for eight days and not run out of things to do! You have 14 days from the date of first use to use all the credits on your ticket for both the major and minor parks and attractions.  An 8 day trip with a 4 day base ticket plus WPF&M could look like this

Day 1: Magic Kingdom

Day 2: Typhoon Lagoon

Day 3: Epcot

Day 4: Downtown Disney and Disney Quest

Day 5: Animal Kingdom

Day 6: Blizzard Beach

Day 7: Hollywood Studios

Day 8: ESPN Wide World of Sports

Look at that! You have over a weeks worth of activities for only $60.71 more than buying the base ticket alone! Not bad, especially for a family with older kids or who have made several trips to Walt Disney World and are looking for different things to do!

I hope this helps a little bit with the decision to purchase the water parks fun and more option!

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