Top 5 Rides for the Entire Family

Traveling to Disney World is a family affair. Often this will include mom and dad and kids of different age groups, but more and more people are taking multi-generational trips that make Grandma and Grandpa, aunts and uncles, and cousins part of the plans. If you are traveling with a group that includes many different age groups here are my top five rides that are great for anyone and everyone!

1. Kilimanjaro Safari- Located in Harambe Village in Animal Kingdom, this ride takes you on a lengthy safai. Spotting real animals such as hippos, elephants, giraffe, and lions is something everyone in your group can enjoy. Tip: Ride first thing in the morning of withing 1 hour of park closing to see the animals at their most active!

2. Toy Story Midway Mania- Located in Hollywood Studios this ride is a 3D adventure through some of your favorite carnival style games. Hosted by the stars of Toy Story, everyone can appreciate not only the thrill of competition but the attention to detail and the wonderful story line! Tip- Get here early and get a fast pass. Lines here are no joke and fastpasses run out quickly!

3.  The Haunted Mansion- This is a Disney classic and I truly believe that everyone can enjoy it. Yes, it can be spooky for the really young, but arm them with a small flashlight and explain to them that theses are happy, friendly ghosts! You can find this ride in The Magic Kingdom.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean- Located in Adventureland in The Magic Kingdom this iconic ride is really one that everyone will love. From the music to the merry mayhem caused by the swash buckling menaces, everyone is going to leave singing “yo ho yo ho!”

5. Muppet Vision 3D- I think the muppets appeal to many generations and the 3D show at Hollywood Studios does not disappoint. Funny and entertaining I think the entire family will enjoy this little attraction. There is rarely a wait which makes it even better and add in some time in the AC out of the sun and you have a winner!

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