Celebrating at Disney World

When you make a resort or dining reservation for your trip to Disney World, you will notice that you are asked if you are celebrating any special occasion. If you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement, graduation, first visit or any other event that you feel is significant you can add a note to your reservation reflecting this.

At guest services in the parks or at the check in desk at your resort you can mention that you are celebrating and you will be given a pin that states personal celebration! Do yourself a favor and wear this pin throughout your trip! The magic that comes your way is amazing!

On my recent trip I was celebrating my birthday! I wore the birthday pin with my name on it and the number of cast members and even other guests who shared in my day was astounding. I heard “happy birthday” everywhere  I went! Beyond the well wishes I got many surprises that added to the magic of the trip. Here is a list of things that happened for me on my birthday that made my day extra special. It should be noted that you may not receive all of these things and should not expect them, but I promise you your celebration will not go unnoticed!

1. While walking down Main Street USA, I ran into the Music Teacher of Main Street who serenaded me in front of a crowd with a whimsical version of Happy Birthday.

2. At Beaches and Cream after our meal we noticed the lights flashing and sirens going off. I thought this was going to be a typical Disney Flash mob.  I was wrong! The waitress came out with an ice cream sundae and a balloon and sang me “happy birthday!” Embarrassing, but hey, free ice cream!

3. At the 50’s Prime Time Diner I was given a huge cupcake complete with candle and our waiter kept in character and told everyone to “sing happy birthday to your cousin.”

4. At Artist Point our party of 4 was treated to a beautiful champagne toast and a free appetizer. This was probably close to $40 worth of complimentary items!

5. While walking past It’s a Small World, my family was offered free fastpasses by the cast member. Upon further inspection they were fastpasses good for any one ride at the park at any time! Very cool. We decided to use them on Peter Pan and much to our delight that cast member also noted my birthday and let us keep the passes for another use!

These were just little pieces of magic that were bestowed upon us on our trip. What a great way to celebrate!

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