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This question came from Joelle Franzo Daddino.

Question: ” Are you allowed to break up meal credits like you used to? Example, It used to be you can take 3 snack credits and make it a meal or make a meal into 3 snacks. It that still allowed? Also, Can you find organic food anywhere at Disney World?”

Answer: Disney’s official stance on the matter of exchanging credits is that it is not allowed. You cannot exchange credits in any fashion. Now, there are certainly people who have exchanged credits. For example; it is the last day of your trip and you have a quick service credit left and want to use it for a few bags of chips for the flight home. People have reported being able to do this. However, I think this is completely up to the cast member you are dealing with and should not be expected.  You can certainly ask, but understand that this is not the rule or policy of Disney and if you are allowed an exchange it is simply out of the kindness of the cast members heart.

Regarding organic food at Disney and where you might be able to find it.  This is an area where Disney could improve upon, but will likely be slow to do so. There are a few places where you will see items that are locally sourced or have a sustainable fish of the day. These include The Wave at the Contemporary Resort and Garden Grill at Epcot.  Signature restaurants such as Artist Point, are happy to share with you where and how the food was raised. This being said, if you really need to eat organically while on vacation, you may want to look into Whole Foods grocery delivery program or check out Garden Grocer.

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