Fastpass; A How to Guide!

Fastpass is Disney’s version of holding your place in line. If the wait time on an attraction is looking  a bit lengthy you may not want to spend that time twiddling your thumbs in a boring queue standing too close to comfort to a group of tourists who do not understand the concept of deodorant. Disney has solved this problem for you! Instead of waiting in a line you simply insert your park ticket into a fastpass distribution machine and you will receive a ticket with a return time printed on it. This time will be a one hour window (example 1:10-2:10) and you MUST return within this window. (This was not true in years past, but now they really enforce the return times.)  Using the fastpass system your wait time for an attraction can be spent exploring other parts of the park and riding other attractions rather than standing in a line! Genius? I really think it is.

When you approach an attraction that offers fastpass service you will see three possible lines to stand in. One line is called “the standby line.” Above the entrance to this line you will see a number of minutes posted. This number corresponds to the length of the wait currently expected. Any guest may use the standby line, just jump on in and start your wait.

The second line is the fastpass distribution line. This line is often very short and leads to fastpass distribution machines. Above the entrance to this line you will see a time displayed. This is the time that fastpasses are being distributed for.

The third possible line is the fastpass return line. When your return window has arrived make your way to this line and show your pass to the cast member who will verify that the time on your ticket corresponds to the time posted for returns. Warning!  This first cast member will not take your fastpass. Do not throw your pass away or put it in a hard to find place like the bottom of your purse. You will need to show this to the second cast member you encounter who will redeem the pass.

Using fastpass is very simple in theory but there are a few things you should know about the system and a few tips that I would like to share with you.

  • Not all attractions offer Fastpass. Here is s a list of all fastpass attractions.
  • Fastpasses will run out on the more popular attractions on moderately to very busy days. Please keep this in mind especially for Soarin‘, Expedition Everest, and Toy Story Midway Mania.
  • Before you grab your fastpass look at the return time that will be displayed above the distribution center. If you cannot return during that time, do not bother getting the fastpass. You will not be allowed in the attraction outside of this window. If the return time is 5:15 and you have a 5:00 dining reservation you need to skip this fastpass for now.
  • Use fastpass on rides that will really have a long wait. My general rule of thumb is that if the wait is over 35 minutes I want a fastpass, but then again I am an impatient person! When looking at wait times, I generally subtract 5 minutes from what is posted. Disney often over estimates the wait time.
  • The time you can get another fastpass will be printed at the bottom of your fastpass ticket. This time is usually after the window of your fastpass has arrived or after two hours have gone by, whichever comes first.
  • If you have a fastpass that you find you cannot use, a nice thing to do is to hand it to another individual! This is a great way to spread the magic.
  • Unused fastpasses can also make great decorations for scrapbooks.

How do you use your fastpass?

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