Disney Experiences I Want to Try

I suppose you could call this a Disney Bucket List, but I really hate that term. It seems like one more list that I may or may not ever get to finish! Instead I have a list of things that I haven’t tried, but would really like to. There is so much to do at Disney and the bottom line is you cannot do everything! Here are my top ten things I’d love to try!

1. Segway Tours: These look so fun! I have seen groups cruising around Fort Wilderness and it looks amazing! I am not sure I could balance on one of those things, but it would be neat to give it a shot!

2. Lunch with an Imagineer. They offer this experience at The Hollywood Brown Derby for Lunch and The Flying Fish Cafe for dinner. It seems like a really cool experience. The only thing is I’d feel a bit star struck I am sure and would probably recede into my shell of shyness!

3. Run the Goofy Challenge. This entails running a half marathon and a marathon in two days time. That’s a lot of running! Currently I can walk 2 miles without stopping. I guess it’s time to hit the gym!

4. Ride Space Mountain with the lights on! Sure, you can see the mountain with the lights on thanks to the people mover, but riding it in the light would be a really neat experience! I know it is not likely to happen, but one can dream and wish after all that is what Disney is all about!

5. Take a really good family photo in front of each park icon. You know, one at the castle, one at Spaceship Earth, one at the Tree of Life and one at the Sorcerers hat. I know it sounds so easy, but we all hate taking pictures so it is not that simple!

6. Eat at one restaurant at each resort. I don’t care if it is signature dining or quick service. I just think it would be fun to visit each resort and experience a unique food served there.

7. Visit Disneyland! I have been to the place that started it all, but it has been so long that I feel another trip is necessary. I am trying to work out the logistics of visiting California this spring.

8. Stay in the concierge level rooms. I love the deluxe resorts and I think staying in the concierge level would only enhance the experience. I don’t think I’d do a whole trip like this but perhaps a split stay! Maybe 3 nights at a moderate and then 2 nights concierge at the Poly which is said to have the best lounge!

9. Ride two big attractions at each of the 4 parks in one day. This is my plan; Get up and head straight to Magic Kingdom. Ride Splash and Big Thunder. Head to Epcot via the monorail and ride Soarin and Test Track. Take the Boat to Hollywood Studios and ride Rock n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror. Hop on the bus to Animal Kingdom and do Everest and Kali River Rapids! Sounds like a plan to me!

10. Eat only Mickey Shaped food for an entire day!!!

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