Attraction Spotlight- The Jungle Cruise

Sign for the Exotic Jungle Cruise Expedition

Description: Jungle Cruise. Take a cruise through four exotic rivers in only a matter of minutes. You will tour the Amazon, the Congo, the Nile, and the Mekong aboard a lovely 27 foot long vessel. You will see animatronic creatures including elephants, tigers, hippos, gorillas, and even some natives. The highlight of the ride, in my humble opinion, is the script. Your skipper will entertain with corny but very funny jokes and puns. They each have their own unique spin on the script and for this reason no ride is exactly the same.

Location: This attraction is located in Adventureland inside The Magic Kingdom.

Who can ride: This ride is open to all guests with no height restriction. Guests in wheelchairs may remain seated and do to have to transfer to ride.

Fastpass: This is a fastpass attraction and often it is necessary to use this option. The Jungle Cruise is a slow loading and slow moving ride and lines can build quickly. Lines tend to dissipate after dark. If you are touring Adventureland, my suggestion is to grab a fastpass for the cruise and then explore Pirates of the Caribbean and see The Enchanted Tiki Room while you wait.

Fun Facts
1. Notice the downed plane as you cruise. This is the back half of a Lockheed model 12 Electra junior. The other half can be found on the great movie ride at Hollywood Studios in the Casablanca scene!
2. When in line notice the chalkboard that lists missing passengers. Their names will give you a little chuckle.
3. Make sure to take note of the name of your boat. Amazon Annie, Congo Connie, and Nile Nellie are a few of the boats you may ride.
4. Try to ride at least twice; once during the day and once at night. They are two very different. Experiences.
5. Listen to the radio as you stand in line. Albert Awol, the voice of the jungle, will entertain you with music, information, weather, trivia and jungle updates.

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