Disney Aquires Lucasfilms LTD

In a move many Disney bloggers, podcasters, and fans have been anticipating, Lucasfilms LTD has been purchased by Disney for…wait for it…$4.05 Billion dollars! Holy cow thats a ton of dough!

Along with this development, Disney has announced the release of Starwars Episode 7 in 2015.
So, what does this mean for Disney? Here are my thoughts. I think this will mean some attention paid to Hollywood Studios which would be wonderful. I think an expansion of the Starwars area into an actual “land” with perhaps a new attraction or two. I also think you will see some Star Wars themed dining options in the future. This will be a welcomed change to the often yawn worthy Hollywood Studios. Hey, I love Toy Story and Rock N Roller Coaster as much as anyone else, but the park is just missing something.

I think we have some fun stuff to look forward to with this announcement!

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