The Countdown

Weston, You’re Going to Disney World!


I am a month away from my sons first trip to Disney. He is 15 months old and last time we went on a Disney trip my husband and I opted to leave him behind with my parents. He was eight months at the time.

This was a great idea in theory. We needed a break. Weston was a terrible sleeper and was up pretty much every hour on the hour. We also needed some time as a couple, share a meal without having to scarf down our food and tend to the baby, talk without whispering, and spend some time in bed. Get your mind out of the gutter, I mentioned we needed sleep up above!

We were really looking forward to our getaway. 4 nights at the Wilderness Lodge, mornings on Splash Mountain, afternoons by the pool, and evenings at some of the best signature restaurants on property. Jiko, California Grill, Artist Point…yum! It was however, disappointing. We had fun, I mean its Disney! But we stressed about the baby, wished he was with us!

When we saw other couples with young babies we would say things like “Weston would look much cuter in those mouse ears!” and “If Weston were here we would be in line for Dumbo right now, too!” It was official we had to bring the baby next time.

I had planned our next trip before we checked out of the hotel and had the minute detail sorted out before we landed in Boston. 5 nights at The Beach Club complete with a First Visit Button for Weston.

We leave in exactly 23 days! I have planned a Dinner at Crystal Palace and a Breakfast at Tusker House because yes there are characters, but more importantly they are self serve buffets meaning that if baby has a meltdown we won’t feel like we have to leave a waitress in the lurch. I have downloaded touring plans Dumbo or Die in a day plan. I have placed my order for diapers and snacks with Garden Grocer. I feel prepared! Or maybe not!

There are so many new elements to this trip with Weston. We need to bring a stroller and entertainment for him on the plane! I need to pack for a whole other human being! I have a hard enough time packing for myself.

I feel as though I am a Disney veteran. Able to navigate the parks and the crowds with ease. I can get in, ride every attraction with no wait and leave by 11am to lounge by the pool with a frosty beverage. I have a feeling though, that this trip may make me look like an amateur! I am sure I will be fumbling through bags, wiping tears, and carrying a sleeping baby same as those parents who were awarded eye rolls from me in my youth.

Though this is new, I am more excited about this trip than I have been about any other trip, my honeymoon included. Seeing my baby on Main Street USA will be the best day of my life. Seeing him with Mickey will certainly be the best moment to date!


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