Baby Care Centers


If you are traveling to the world with an infant or toddler you will be relieved to know there are baby care centers in each of the four theme parks that make up Walt Disney World.

What is a baby care center you ask? Baby care centers are a place for parents to bring their little ones to recharge and provide care. You will find changing tables, rocking chair, high chairs, quiet  nursing rooms, and kitchens for bottle and food prep. Bottled water is even provide free of charge for mixing formula.

Available for purchase at these locations are also incidentals that you may have run out of or forgotten. Things like diapers, baby food, wipes,bibs, pacifiers and even clothing.

If you have older kids with you they also provide an area for them with toys, games and Disney cartoons.

Here is where you  will find the baby care centers:

Magic Kingdom-On Main Street USA next to The Crystal Palace

Epcot– Odyssey Center in Future World

Animal Kingdom– Discovery Island behind Creature Comforts.

Hollywood Studios– Guest Services near the main entrance.


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