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When you are headed out into the parks at Disney World you often want to bring along a small bag with a few items that will be useful during your day of touring. It is a good idea to pack necessary items without going overboard and ending up with a bunch of useless items. Here is my list of things that you should include when packing for the parks.

1. Theme park tickets or Key to the World Card (Take a picture of these items on your phone in case you lose them.)

2. Money and Credit Cards. I often only take a little bit of cash and one credit card, unless I have charging privileges on my Key to the World Card. I leave the rest in an in room safe.

3. Water. Bring a bottle of water for each member of your party that can then be refilled at water fountains throughout the park.

4. Sunscreen.  Bring this from home. There is no sense paying extra for it in the park.

5. Poncho or Rain Coat. Again Bring these from home.

6. Autograph book with large pen or marker. A thicker pen or marker is much easier for the characters to grip.

7. Tylenol or Aspirin.

8. Drivers License

9. Camera

10. Phone

11. Park Maps with the rides your group wants to try highlighted

12. Snacks- It helps to bring a few things like granola bars, crackers, and trail mix so you can avoid at least one snack stop!

13. Sunglasses. It can get very bright and protecting your eyes is very important.

14. Wipes. These come in handy for washing hands and faces while on the go. Also great for little spills.

15. A light jacket or sweat shirt. If you are staying in the parks all day especially in the fall and winter temps may dip down after dark. Its a good idea to be prepared.


Did I miss anything? What else do you pack?

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